Why you should use PTFE (Fluoropolymers)?

PTFE Sheet and Rod

TFE, FEP, PCTFE, PolyTetraFluoroEthylene

PTFE is used frequently as a bearing or non-stick surface. Excellent choice for caustic fluid handling valves and fittings.

Massive size range in molded rod, tubular bar, and plate. Which is also known as:
Fluon, Diakin, Fluoroplastic, Fluoropolymer, Neoflon, Polyfon, Chemfluor, and more.

PTFE sheet, sheets, rod, rods, strip, slab, block and Tubes are normal stock items. Contact us today for your special requirements.

Still not sure this is the proper material for your application.

Why you should use PTFE (Fluoropolymers):PTFE

  • Very Slippery and Non-Stick
  • Wear Resistance
  • 500 degrees F Continuous Use Temperature
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance
  • Very Easy To Machine and Fabricate
  • Rod available from .125″ – 6.0″ as standard
  • Larger sizes are molded per order
  • Sheet – Film from .005″ – 3.0″ thickness
  • Molded Tubing – Vast Sizes Available – Made to order

This materials is… excellent wear resistant, heat resistant and non-stick.
This material is a thermoplastic polymer, which is a white solid at room temperature, and a density of about 2.2g/cm3. Material

  • Chemically Resistant to Most Chemicals and Caustic/Acidic Cleaning Agents
  • Offers excellent strength, rigidity and machinability
  • Excellent Electrical and Thermal Insulation
  • Available in Wide Range Of Grades and Fillers


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