Are you looking for plastic pipe recyclers in Utah or need to sell plastic pallets in Utah? If your manufacturing or warehouse facility in Utah has excess plastic materials that need to be recycled, Power Plastic Recycling can help. We aim to provide you with a profitable and practical solution to your needs for plastic recycling. You can sell plastic in Utah to us as we are buyers of Plastic in Utah. We are industrial plastic recyclers in Utah and provide you with plastic recycling services.

Our 20 years of commercial and industrial plastic recycling experience can help you streamline your plastic waste removal while saving you both time and money. We purchase plastic scrap, obsolete virgin resin, regrind, and parts. We pick up material from your facility at no additional cost.

The state of Utah has one of the worst recycling rates in the nation. According to the Executive Summary 1995-2010 entitled “Potential for Recovering, Processing, and Remanufacturing Recyclables Within the State of Utah”, only 5-10% of generated waste is recycled statewide. This number is especially bleak when compared to the national average of 34%. Additionally, as of 2010, 448 tons of the waste generated is plastic. According to the Recycling Coalition of Utah just one ton of recycled plastic saves 5,774 kWh of electricity, 685 gallons of oil, 98 million Btu’s of energy, and 30 cubic yards of landfill space. Unfortunately, only about 25% of the plastic produced in the U.S. is recycled, and this number is even lower in Utah. Consequently, enough plastic is annually disposed of that it could encircle the Earth four times! A collaboration with PPR can help the Beehive State get back on track and take proactive steps toward improving its recycling rate by providing easy plastic waste disposal, which ensures both economic and environmental gains for Utah-based companies.

Cities that we serve include but are not limited to: Salt Lake CityWest Valley CityProvoWest JordanOrem.

Contact us to sell plastic in Utah or to sell plastic pallets in Utah as we are buyers of Plastic in Utah. We serve you as plastic recyclers in Utah and plastic pipe recyclers in Utah.


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