If your manufacturing or warehouse facility in Texas has excess plastic materials that need to be recycled, Power Plastic Recycling can help. Power Plastic Recycling serves as Plastic Recyclers in Texas and as buyers of Plastic in Texas. We target many States in the U.S and UK. If you have scrap plastic, connect with us to sell plastic in Texas. We also deal with manufacturing facilities as plastic pipe recyclers in Texas and let you to sell plastic pallets in Texas to us.

Our 20 years of commercial and industrial plastic recycling experience can help you streamline your plastic waste removal while saving you both time and money. We purchase plastic scrap, obsolete virgin resin, regrind, and parts. We pick up material from your facility at no additional cost. We are serving many States as buyers of Plastic and as well as buyers of plastic in Texas. We also let you sell plastic in Texas to us.

The state of Texas is lagging behind the rest of the nation when it comes to recycling rates. A 2013 survey done by the Training Rehabilitation and Development Institute (TRDI) the baseline municipal solid waste (MSW) recycling rate is 18.9%. This percentage is significantly lower than the national average of 34%. That’s not to say that Texas hasn’t made positive advancements, even with such a low recycling rate, Texans still recycled an estimated 6.1 million tons of material in 2013 – that is significant! Of that number 2.8% or 169,216 of plastic materials were recycled.  Imagine if Texas reached the national average of 34%!A collaboration with PPR can help the Lone Star State take proactive steps toward improving its recycling rate by providing easy plastic waste disposal, which ensures both economic and environmental gains for Texas-based companies.

Cities that we serve in Texas include: AustinSan AntonioHoustonDallasMcAllen, El Paso, Lubbock, Fort Worth.

Contact us if you are looking for plastic pipe recyclers in Texas and need to sell plastic pallets in Texas.


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