Are you looking for the buyers of plastic in Illinois? If your manufacturing or warehouse facility in need of Plastic Recycling Services in Illinois and has excess plastic materials that need to be recycled, Power Plastic Recycling can help. We are plastic pipe recyclers in Illinois and you can sell scrap plastic in Illinois to us or you can also sell plastic pallets in Illinois to us as well.

Our 20 years of commercial and industrial plastic recycling experience can help you streamline your plastic waste removal while saving you both time and money. We purchase plastic scrap, obsolete virgin resin, regrind, and parts. We pick up material from your facility at no additional cost.

The Illinois Environmental Protection Act (415 ILCS 5) is the state’s“primary statute for establishing a unified, state-wide program for restoring, protecting, and enhancing the quality of the environment, and to assure that adverse effects upon the environment are fully considered and borne by those who cause them”[1]. Plastics and their proper recycling play a large role within this Act, as the more plastic materials that are recycled, instead of disposed of in landfills, the less environmental damage to Illinois and its natural resources. The driving force behind the Act is to minimize environmental degradation, as “environmental damage seriously endangers public health and welfare”[2]. As of 2011, Illinois statewide recycling rate was at 37%[3]. This number is not insignificant, however, according to the board president of the Illinois Recycling Association, Illinois “should be recycling and composting at least 75 percent – 90 percent of the solid waste we generate.” A collaboration with PPR can help make this goal a reality by providing easy plastic waste disposal, which for many companies, saves the expense and negative environmental impact of a landfill.

Cities that we serve in Illinois include: ChicagoAuroraRockfordJolietNaperville, Springfield. 

Contact us if you are looking for buyers of plastic in Illinois or need to sell scrap plastic in Illinois or need to sell plastic pallets in Illinois. We provide you with plastic recycling services in Illinois as we are plastic pipe recyclers in Illinois.

Top Industries Serviced in Illinois:

Agricultural/Farming Industries

Food Manufacturing

Transportation and logistics

Plastic Products Manufacturing

Dairy Industry