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If your manufacturing or warehouse facility is in need of Plastic Recycling Services in Arizona and has excess plastic materials that need to be recycled, Power Plastic Recycling can help. We are the Plastic recyclers in Arizona as well as plastic pipe recyclers in Arizona and provide you with scrap plastic recycling services. Sell plastic in Arizona and you can also sell plastic pallets in Arizona to us to solve your manufacturing waste stream issues. We work with manufactures or plastic products, warehouses, shipping companies, construction and many other industries that have use of plastic in one way or the other. We are also the buyers of plastic in Arizona.

Our 20 years of commercial and industrial plastic recycling experience can help you streamline your plastic waste removal while saving you both time and money. We purchase plastic scrap, obsolete virgin resin, regrind, and parts. We pick up material from your facility at no additional cost.

Arizona supports plastic manufacturers involved in plastic processing, marketing, support and captive activities, as well as many plastic dependent industries that utilize plastic in the production of various products. More than 380,000 Arizonans are employed in either plastic direct or dependent industries. The plastics industry’s direct payroll, including captive plastic products, in Arizona is $401 million[1]. Clearly, plastics play an integral role in Arizona’s economy and therefore require viable recycling programs to ensure that those industries are bolstering Arizona both economically and environmentally. A collaboration with PPR does just that, by providing easy plastic waste disposal, which for many companies, saves the expense and negative environmental impact of a landfill.

Arizona Cities that we serve include: PhoenixTucsonMesaChandlerGilbert, Scottsdale and surrounding areas. We are plastic recyclers in Arizona as well as buyers of plastic in Arizona. You can also sell plastic in Arizona to us. Contact us to sell plastic pallets in Arizona as we are targeting Phoenix, Tucson and many other cities in Arizona. We are also operating as plastic pipe recyclers in Arizona.

Top Industries Serviced in Arizona:

Advanced Manufacturing – Technology and Innovation

  • Plastic shipping trays, pallets, buckets, totes, and drums
  • Compact discs, DVDs

Retail Distribution and 3PL Fulfillment Centers

  • LDPE packaging
  • Shrink film
  • Plastic pallets, totes, and trays

Medical Supply Industry

  • Plastic medical equipment
  • Plastic machinery
  • Obsolete plastic tubing
  • Plastic film
  • Plastic parts

Medical Supply Industry

  • Plastic sheet cut-off
  • Plastic pallets and totes