The list below represents plastics, polymers, and resin inventory we currently have available for purchase. We update our materials list at the end of each day to assure you of the most up-to-date information possible.

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Available Plastics, Polymers and Resins

Type Material Name Grade Number Form Color Quantity Area
ABS Diamond Polymers ABS 6501 extrusion High imp. regrind to go black 7500 lbs East Coast
ABS GE Cycolac KJB 4051 virgin black 1084 lbs Midwest
ABS GE Cycolac KJU 35101 virgin gray 3468 lbs Midwest
Acrylic PMMA Cyro XT-250 prime clear 1,500 lbs West Coast
Acrylic Cast Cast mixed color with masking scrap mixed 10000 lbs Midwest
Acrylic Nova NAS 21 prime clear 4500 lbs Northeast
Fluoropolymer Teflon Router Chips scrap natural 10000 lbs West Coast
HDPE HDPE rotational grade Surpass Rms 341-u prime natural 80000 lbs MW, NE
HDPE Black Pipe Pipe scrap black 40000 lbs Northeast
HIPS Cup regrind Unknown regrind white, mixed 25000 lbs Southeast
LCP LCP A130 d2 regrind black 5492 lbs Northeast
LLDPE jh 1312 regrind orange 1110 lbs Southeast
Misc Cellulose Acetate Propionate CP801-18H virgin gray 2000 lbs East Coast
Nylon Nylind 6/6 52HSL BK001 prime w/ 5% reg black 5,000 lbs Midwest
Nylon Capron - 6 8233 - 33% GF prime natural 4192 lbs Midwest
Nylon Capron Nylon 6 8362 34% Mineral virgin black 20000 lbs central
PBT Valox 553 prime black 6,751 lbs Southeast
PBT Celanex 3200-2 15% GF prime natural 11,012 lbs Southeast
PBT Valox 451E regrind black 7000 lbs Southeast
PBT Valox 430-BK1066 virgin black 2200 lbs Midwest
PBT BASF Ultradur B-4300 g6 (30%GF) prime natural 5500 lbs Midwest
PBT GE Valox 735 regrind black 8000 lbs MW, NE
PBT GE Valox 508 prime black 4000 lbs MW, NE
PBT PBT DR48 BK 1066 regrind black 5000 lbs Northeast
PC Makrolon 3258-1112 virgin clear w/color 1500 lbs MW, SE
PC Lexan 920A prime blue 3,260 lbs Southeast
PC GE Lexan 920-701 virgin black 1084 lbs Midwest
PC Bottle Grade PC Blue Tint regrind clear w/color 5000 lbs North Central
PC Lexan 153R prime white 3000 lbs North Central
PC Bayer Makrolon 2658 - 11 melt 17 izo prime clear 30000 lbs Midwest
PC Lexan 920 prime white 8580 lbs Southwest
PEI Ultem 1010 prime gray 2200 lbs Midwest
PEI Ultem 2310 virgin black 8000 lbs Midwest
PET PET 40%GF Celenex 1662 Z regrind black 10000 lbs Midwest
PET Rynite 530 non-fr regrind black 40000 lbs Northeast
PETG Eastman Kodar 6763 prime white 35,000 lbs Southwest
PP Bassell PDC 1287 prime natural 35000 lbs Midwest
PP Bassell HP 500 N prime natural 21560 lbs Southwest
PP Certene PHM 12 12mi. prime white 68000 lbs Midwest
PP Copolymer Basell 7823 Ext. Grade regrind 4900 lbs East Coast
PPA Amodel A1340HS virgin black 4600 lbs Midwest
PPS Noryl SE1X-780 virgin gray 3000 lbs Midwest
PU Bayer Texin 1DP1165 prime black 5500 lbs Southeast
PVC Geon 86155 - flex virgin white 4014 lbs West Coast
PVC CPVC pellets Noveon 4911 virgin white 60,000 lbs East Coast
PVC Thermoform Roll stock prime white 42,000 lbs central
PVC AlphaGary 2212/7/118 virgin clear 74000 Southeast
TPE Hytrel G4074 40D hardness regrind natural 24000 lbs North Central
TPE Hytrel 237 BG regrind black 13000 lbs Midwest