Acetal Plastic in many uses

Plastics have evolved and improved over the years to become incredibly reliable and amazingly strong. That said, an acetal plastic rod is just one more example of how plastics have been used to create parts and components for many different products and purposes around the world. Through the use of acetal (POM) copolymer the manufacturing process is able to produce an incredibly sturdy and highly useful rod. With impressive strength and stiffness and enhanced dimensional stability, this is a plastic component that is impressive in every way.

Acetal Plastic

 Acetal plastic in use

Wet Or Moist Environments

With ease of matching and a composition of semi-crystalline material, an acetal plastic rod is typically known for its low coefficient of friction and impressive wear properties. This is especially true when this type of product is used in wet or moist environments. As a lightweight material, Acetal is far superior to other similar products that are made of metal. In fact, the growing trend is for businesses, manufacturers and industry to use Acetal as a viable and smart alternative to other materials.

Trusted Name In The Plastic Industry

An acetal plastic rod is an excellent choice when it comes to impressive resistance to impacts and various types of lateral longitudinal type fatigue. Known for high-strength, acetal plastic and the rods that are produced with this material last a long time and ultimately save businesses money over the long term. Regal Plastic Supply Company is an established and trusted name in the plastic industry. With a dedication and focus on quality customer service, few other companies in the plastic industry can compare. The acetal plastic rod is just one more example of a high-quality product produced by an impressive company with a proven reputation. Contact the Regal Plastic Supply Company today to learn more.


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